Official Sponsors of the Film (Part 1)

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Dear friends and supporters,

It’s a new year and I’m fresh off the heels of a very successful fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.  Thanks to the support of so many groups, families and individuals I was able to not only reach my fundraising goal, but surpass it, and for this, I am so very grateful.

There’s been a flurry of activity in few weeks since the campaign ended, I’ve been working on the final picture editing, and making arrangements for all the hundreds of little details that have to come together in order to finish the film and in the next few weeks, I’ll have some exciting announcements to make about that.

But for now, I’d like to give a shout-out to a few very special organizations that stepped up to become official sponsors of the film. There are some incredible organizations here, doing really great things, so be sure to read this post and then visit their websites to find out more about them. This blog will be the first of three that will highlight all the official sponsors.

Liberated Learners works with educators and other interested adults to create self-directed education centers. Liberated Learners offers consulting and mentoring through the planning and start-up phase and then coordinates ongoing mutual support and shared resources for our member centers. Our goal is to share what we know with individuals and programs interested in making self-directed learning a viable and successful option for young people in their community.Most people have approached Liberated Learners as individuals considering how to start their own school or educational program.  These people are frequently disillusioned school teachers or veteran unschooling parents.

We currently have 12 centers that are up and running or will be soon. For a complete list and to find out more about our programs please visit:




Workspace Education is a membership-based, co-learning community designed to support self-directed learners and families opting out of traditional school. Workspace is situated in a 32,000 sq. ft. research and development building in Bethel, CT filled with tools to research, to design and build and for authentic creative self-expression. Workspace families are supported by a professional education and technical support team. At Workspace parents and their children are creating educational experiences, teaching and hosting classes, inspiring and mentoring independent projects and choosing from any available resource to create custom pathways with and for their children. Our vision is to create the most vibrant learning community where children discover who they are, find their voice, develop their passions, get mad skills, do enormous projects and create for themselves the best life ever.

For more information please visit: https://workspaceeducation.org/


Founded in 2014, by Sue Patterson, UnschoolingMom2Mom is an incredible online resource for new and veteran unschoolers alike. Sue Patterson started homeschooling her three children in 1996. After a year or so of curriculum, they began their unschooling journey. She has been active in the homeschooling/ unschooling community for over 20 years. Here’s what she says about UnschoolingMom2Mom: “When we first started Unschooling Mom2Mom, I knew we wanted to create a safer place online for people to ask questions and get answers. After 20 years in the homeschooling/unschooling community, I had crossed paths with plenty of people who’d be willing to help talk to people about their concerns.

The internet can be a wild and wooly place and sometimes people forget how vulnerable a mom can feel when she asks a question.  That new person may ask something that other unschoolers have heard over and over again.  The only way she can really hear the answers is if she is dealt with a little compassion.

We remember what it was like to want something better for our kids and not know who to turn to. Unschooling Mom2Mom is the place to go.  Here at the website, on our FB group, and through all of our social media options.

Our Unschooling Mom2Mom group started in August 2014.  Since then, we’ve grown to nearly 20K members!  We have an awesome collection of really knowledgeable – and very kind – experienced and veteran unschooling moms who help new people figure out to get started with unschooling and how to overcome their own obstacles.”

For more information please visit: https://unschoolingmom2mom.com/


Thanks for reading,


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