Official Sponsors of the Film (Part 3)

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Dear friends and supporters,

Here is the 3rd and final post highlighting the incredible organizations and individuals who have become official sponsors of this film. I’m very grateful to all of them for their support. Please read about them below and visit their websites for further information.

Village Home is a new model for education in the 21st century, for preschool through high school. With information at our fingertips, the role of education and real learning is being redefined. At Village Home, the “school” component of a learner’s life is only part of the equation. Village Home is the place where real life, family, and education converge with stunning results.

At the core of our approach is the belief that learning is a natural and inherently enjoyable process when learners are empowered to make education choices with their families. In the classrooms, our caring teachers create a collaborative, fun-filled environment. An average class size of 12 ensures personal attention in a grade-free environment where the focus is on real learning rather than on test performance.

Village Home functions like a community college starting at preschool. Families choose to take one class a week, or take several a day; the family decides what they need to meet their education goals. Families at Village Home have diverse approaches to education, and widely varied educational philosophies. Village Home believes that every learner is unique, and deserves a unique education, as well as a community of people to grow and learn with.


Peach Blossom School is a private school offering a flexible K-12 Home Education Program for homeschooling families throughout California. Peach Blossom School provides legal enrollment, record keeping, guidance, counsel, and encouragement to families who are directing their children’s learning outside of a traditional school environment. Director Stephanie Hood has been a CA credentialed teacher for over 25 years, and an active volunteer and mentor in the homeschool community since 2002. Parents are able to select curriculum and requirements best suited for their own children. This may include outside classes at learning centers and community colleges, as well as online classes, independent study, or parent-taught courses. Peach Blossom School also supports families who choose unschooling or delight-directed learning. Each family has the independence to create a learning environment that best nurtures their children’s interests, talents, and learning styles. Email Stephanie for a free consultation, peach.blossom.psp@gmail.com or visit our website for more information,


Baby Slings & Carriers is a Singapore-based one-stop Babywearing Hub with a vision to cultivate a strong & healthy Babywearing culture within the community. Established in 2007, we have helped over 10,000 individual parents and babies find ergonomically superior and well-structured baby carriers that fit their unique body types in our “Get The Right Fit” program. This bucks the trend of purely choosing baby carriers based on brands, looks or popularity and then paying the painful lesson of ill-fitting carriers that can affect baby’s and wearer’s postures. Baby Slings & Carriers is owned by Spring Breeze Marketing Pte. Ltd., a company that specializes in practical niche products and services that can better the lives of the community it operates in.



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